Full Name: Lee JunHo 이준호
Stage Name: Junho
Birthday: January 25, 1990
Height/Weight: 178 cm/67 kg
Blood Type: A
Position: Main Dancer, Main Vocal
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching videos, dancing, learning composing, reading, reading fashion magazines
Specialty: Beat box, dancing, singing
Nickname: Rain-look-alike, baby maknae
Religion: Christian – Protestant
Favorite Food: Everything
First Seen: 2006 Superstar Survival

Full Name: Hwang Chansung 황찬성
Stage Name: Chansung
Birthday: February 11, 1990
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Height/Weight: 184 cm/75 kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Hobbies: Listening to music, gaming, working out
Specialty: Taek Kwon Do, Kumdo
Nickname: Old magnae
Favorite Food: I’m not a picky eater.
First Seen: MGoon’s JYP auditions

Full Name: Jang Wooyoung 장우영
Stage Name: Wooyoung
Birthday: April 30th, 1989
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Height/Weight: 178 cm/65 kg
Blood Type: B
Position: Main vocalist, dancer
Hobbies: Exercises, Online Shopping
Specialty: Dancing
Nickname: Boo-ung-ee (Owl), Baby Ang Ang
Favorite Food: I love all the food in this world
First Seen: MGnon’s JYP auditions

Full Name: Ok Taekyeon 옥택연
Stage Name: Taekyeon
Birthday: December, 27 1988
Hometown: Boston, USA
Height/Weight: 185 cm/76 kg
Label: JYP Entertainment
Blood Type: AB
Position: Main rapper, Dancer
Hobbies: Music appreciation, Wakeboarding, Skiing
Specialty: Cooking
Nickname: Okcat, Oktizen, Okvatar, Ok-NSD, Jeemseung (beast)
Favorite Food: There isn’t a food that he doesn’t like
First Seen: 2006 Superstar Survival
Extra bits: Korean, but spent his past time in Boston, America

Full Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (닉쿤)
Stage Name: Nichkhun/Khun
Birthday: June, 24 1988
Hometown: Thailand
Height/Weight: 180 cm/64 kg
Blood Type: O
Position: Sub vocal, Dancer
Hobbies: Playing the piano, Exercising, Listening to music, Watching movies, Taking pictures
Specialty: Playing the piano, Acrobatics
Nickname: Khunnie Boy, Khunnio Boo, Khun-ddaeng
Favorite Food: There isn’t a food that he doesn’t like
First Seen: 2006 Superstar Survival
Extra bits: Thai, but born in America. Can speak 4 different languages (English, Thai, Korean, Mandarin)


Full Name: Kim Junsu 김준수
Stage Name: Junsu
Birthday: January 15, 1988
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Height/Weight: 180 cm/66 kg
Blood Type: A
Position: Lead Vocalist
Hobbies: Composing, Fashion, Collecting accessories and shoes
Specialty: Singing, Writing (write a Theme)
Nickname: JunK, JunPeep, Panda
Favorite Food: Sourpatch, Sushi


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