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Lee Junho (Hangul: 이준호, Hanja: 李俊昊, born January 25, 1990), better known as Junho (준호), is the second youngest member of the Korean boy band 2PM (투피엠).[2]Junho is from IlsanSouth Korea.


Junho first gained public attention when he won Superstar Survival in 2006. The show started with twelve teenage competitors and as the weeks went on, they were eliminated one by one until three were left. The process followed a similar style to that of reality showSurvivor. Junho signed a contract with JYP Entertainment after winning the contest, placing first out of 6,000 competitors. Future 2PM bandmates Taecyeon and Chansunghad also competed.[citation needed]

Music career

In 2008, he took part in Mnet‘s Hot Blood Men[3] which follows the extreme training of 13 trainees in order to become a member of the boy band One Day. However One Day was split and spawned two boy bands, 2AM and 2PM, of which the latter one Junho became a member.

Six months after Hot Blood was aired on TV, 2PM debuted with their first single “10점 만점에 10점” (“10 Points out of 10 Points”)[4] from their first EP Hottest Time of the Day, but it wasn’t until their second EP 2:00PM Time For Change which skyrocketed their success in the Korean music industry. So far, 2PM has released two studio albums and three EPs.

On September 4, 2009, articles surfaced on the internet regarding Jaebeom‘s posts from 2005 on his personal Myspace account, in which he expressed his dislike for Korea while still a trainee for JYP Entertainment. The incident resulted in all 2PM members withdrawn from their regular appearances on variety shows, including Junho. Although he was to supposed to be a regular member of the sports variety show Dream Team 2, Junho was only a part of the pilot episode. However, in March 2010 Junho returned as a permanent cast member of the show.

Additionally during this time, many rumors regarding who would replace Jay Park as the leader were saying Junho was being considered. JYPE has never confirmed nor denied this. Most say there is no leader due to the reality show titled “Wild Bunny” that starred 2PM. The airing of the final episode, which coincidentally featured the members engaged in a “Leader Olympics” game to select a new leader, was postponed indefinitely due to Jaebeom’s internet controversy.[5] Chansungrecently reconfirmed that there is no leader in February 2012 on MBC Radio Star saying, “2PM does not have a leader right now… We are all well aware of each other’s shortcomings, and we are doing our best without a leader.”[6]

On February 16, 2010, Junho was a guest on Strong Heart. He discussed the period before 2PM’s debut, when he was on theSuperstar Survival show.

In August 2010, Mnet created a list of the top thirty talented idols who all have beautiful voices. Two members of 2PM were on the list.Junsu took 5th place, and Junho took 19th place.[7]

On the New Year’s special of MBC’s “Bouquet” in 2010, Junho made a special appearance on the show, performing on the guitar for the first time. The 2PM member performed “Ain’t No Sunshine” from the romance movie “Notting Hill.”

Beginning in 2011, Junho took a more proactive role in music composition. He contributed to the song “Give It To Me“. On July 21, 2PM released the song on their official YouTube channel.[8] The song was used on the original sound track for the action thriller movie“Blind” starring by Kim Ha-Neul and Yoo Seung-Ho. The track is also available on the Hands Up album.

During 2PM’s ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’, Junho had performed his slf-composed song, “Move On” as a special track with Wooyoung, which garnered widespread acclaim. The song has been included in 2PM’s ‘Best of Korea’ album, and has also been released as a ringtone on Japan’s biggest digital website, ‘Rechocku’. Moments into its release, the song ranked first on the service’s daily chart, demonstrating 2PM’s immense popularity in Japan.

JYP Entertainment expressed, “Following Junsu, Junho has ranked first on the ‘Recochoku’ chart. We’re always thankful for the fans that support 2PM. The Best of Korea album that was released on March 14th is receiving a reaction that exceeds our expectations. We’ll always work our hardest to come back with good news.”[9]

Junho has been chosen to be the second couple on MBC’s Music and Lyrics program, alongside actress Kim So-eun. They composed a song (OST) called ‘Sad Love’, which So-eun was the composer and Junho was the musician.

Junho recently collaborated with Vanness Wu to sing the main OST track Undefeated for Taiwanese Drama “Tiamo Chocolate”.

Junho also participated as a composer for fellow member, Jang Wooyoung’s solo debut album in which he composed the song “Be With You“.

He also composed the song “Forever” for 2PM’s most recent Japanese album “Masquerade”.


His specialties are singing, beatboxing, dancing.[10] He enjoys listening to music, watching dancing videos, learning composing, and reading fashion magazines.[10] He is an avid animal lover and loves cats the most. His ideal woman is someone who plans for a child. He graduated from the Howon University[10] program in acting. Junho has type A blood.[10]

Junho has several nicknames, but the most popular is “Hwang-jae”[10] (황제, Emperor) due to his seriousness. He is also known as “Nuneo”. The latter came from an incident when Junho wrote his name so quickly on a newly-purchased StarCraft disc that it appeared wrongly as Ij Nuneo (잊누너).[11][unreliable source?] He is known as one of the “Jun Brothers” in conjunction with fellow member Junsu.

As a result of his facial structure, Junho is often compared with Korean entertainer Rain.[12] Nevertheless, on KBS2’s Win Win show, Junho revealed that during his training years people frequently passed him over. He said, essentially, that “people never knew what my name was and always called me ‘that one kid’.”

Junho discussed on Strong Heart a time when he (without his knowledge) was about to be kicked out of JYP Entertainment due to his bad attitude and also at that point of time he was falling behind the others and could not adapt. His mother had apparently found out about this and called JYP personally saying that her son hasn’t even been there for a year, asking for time for him to improve.

On the May 14 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” 2PM band mate Nichkhun revealed, “Junho’s cousin is a professional baseball player.” Junho’s cousin is a pitcher for the Doosan Bears named Sun-Woo Kim.

Junho is also an animal activist. Singer Lee Hyori has recently praised Junho and his fans on their donation to the animal activist’s group. The singer wrote via her Twitter on October 20, “It warmed my heart to hear that 2PM’s Junho and his fans made a second donation to the animals activist’s group! …I’m so proud that he is using his fame and influence in a way that’s so heroic.”

On February 15, Humanitarian Organization World Vision reported that they launched ‘Global Share Project‘ in collaboration with EBS. Junho was selected as the first person to volunteer with ‘Global Share Project’ and sacrificed his first vacation in four years since his debut. He opted to travel to Ethiopia last month to spend some meaningful time with the locals. Junho met with patients suffering from ‘elephantitis’, a rare form of skin disease and delightfully sang and danced with them. Junho has also been secretly supporting a child in Ethiopia who he got to meet in person, even presenting his adopted child a special gift.[13]


Year Title Network Role Note
2006 Superstar Survival SBS Himself
2008 Hot Blood Mnet Himself
Idol Army Season 3 MBC Himself
2009 2PM Wild Bunny Mnet Himself
2 Dream Team 2 KBS Himself Pilot Episode
2010 Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 KBS Himself Regular on the show
M! Countdown Mnet Himself Regular MC on the show
2011 2PM Show! KBS Himself
2012 “Music and Lyrics” MBC Himself with Kim So-eun


Year Title Role Note
2011 White: The Melody of the Curse Music Fever Host


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Lee Junho (Hangul: 이준호, Hanja: 李俊昊, lahir 25 Januari 1990)., Lebih dikenal sebagai Junho (준호), adalah anggota termuda kedua dari boy band Korea 2PM (투 피엠) [2] Junho adalah dari Ilsan, Korea Selatan.


Junho pertama mendapat perhatian publik ketika dia memenangkan Kelangsungan Hidup Superstar pada tahun 2006. Acara dimulai dengan dua belas pesaing remaja dan sebagai minggu demi minggu berlalu, mereka tersingkir satu per satu sampai tiga yang tersisa. Proses mengikuti gaya yang serupa dengan yang showSurvivor realitas. Junho menandatangani kontrak dengan JYP Entertainment setelah memenangkan kontes, menempatkan pertama keluar dari 6.000 pesaing. Masa Depan 02:00 bandmates Taecyeon dan Chansunghad juga berkompetisi. [Rujukan?]

Musik karir

Pada tahun 2008, ia mengambil bagian dalam Pria Hot Mnet Darah [3] yang mengikuti pelatihan ekstrim dari 13 peserta untuk menjadi anggota dari boy band One Day. Namun One Day terpecah dan melahirkan dua boy band, 2AM dan 2PM, yang yang terakhir Junho menjadi anggota.

Enam bulan setelah Darah Hot disiarkan di TV, 2PM debutnya dengan single pertama mereka “10 점 만점 에 10 점” (“10 Poin dari 10 Poin”) [4] dari Time EP pertama mereka Hottest of the Day, tapi itu tidak ‘t sampai kedua mereka 02:00 PM Waktu EP Untuk Perubahan yang meroket keberhasilan mereka dalam industri musik Korea. Sejauh ini, 2PM telah merilis album studio dua dan tiga EP.

Pada tanggal 4 September 2009, muncul artikel di internet tentang posting Jaebeom dari 2005 pada account pribadi Myspace nya, di mana ia mengungkapkan ketidaksukaannya untuk Korea sementara masih trainee untuk JYP Entertainment. Insiden itu mengakibatkan semua anggota 2PM ditarik dari penampilan reguler mereka di variety show, termasuk Junho. Meskipun ia adalah seharusnya anggota reguler dari tim berbagai olahraga acara Dream 2, Junho hanya bagian dari episode pilot. Namun, pada bulan Maret 2010 Junho kembali sebagai anggota pemain tetap acara.

Selain itu selama ini, banyak rumor mengenai siapa yang akan menggantikan Jay Park sebagai pemimpin yang dikatakan Junho sedang dipertimbangkan. JYPE tidak pernah membenarkan atau membantah hal ini. Sebagian mengatakan tidak ada pemimpin karena reality show berjudul “Wild Bunny” yang dibintangi 2PM. Penayangan episode terakhir, yang kebetulan menampilkan anggota terlibat dalam permainan “Olimpiade Pemimpin” untuk memilih seorang pemimpin baru, ditunda tanpa batas waktu karena kontroversi internet Jaebeom. [5] Chansungrecently menegaskan bahwa tidak ada pemimpin dalam Februari 2012 di MBC Radio Star mengatakan, “2:00 tidak memiliki pemimpin sekarang … Kita semua menyadari kekurangan masing-masing, dan kami akan melakukan yang terbaik tanpa pemimpin “[6].

Pada tanggal 16 Februari 2010, Junho adalah seorang tamu di Strong Heart. Dia membahas periode sebelum debut 2PM, ketika ia berada di acara theSuperstar Survival.

Pada bulan Agustus 2010, Mnet membuat daftar tiga puluh berhala top berbakat yang semua memiliki suara yang indah. Dua anggota 2PM berada di list.Junsu berlangsung 5th, dan Junho berlangsung 19. [7]

Di Tahun Baru khusus “Bouquet” MBC pada tahun 2010, Junho membuat penampilan khusus di acara itu, tampil pada gitar untuk pertama kalinya. Para anggota 2:00 dilakukan “Bukankah ada Sunshine” dari film romantis “Notting Hill.”

Awal tahun 2011, Junho mengambil peran yang lebih proaktif dalam komposisi musik. Dia berkontribusi pada lagu “Give It To Me”. Pada tanggal 21 Juli, 2PM merilis lagu di channel resmi YouTube mereka. [8] Lagu ini digunakan pada jalur suara asli untuk film thriller aksi “Blind” yang dibintangi oleh Kim Ha-Neul dan Yoo Seung-Ho. Trek juga tersedia di album Hands Up.

Selama ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’ 2PM, Junho telah melakukan lagunya slf-terdiri, “Move On” sebagai jalur khusus dengan Wooyoung, yang mengumpulkan pujian luas. Lagu telah dimasukkan dalam 2PM ‘Terbaik dari Korea’ album, dan juga telah dirilis sebagai nada dering pada situs terbesar digital Jepang, ‘Rechocku’. Beberapa saat ke rilis, lagu peringkat pertama pada chart daily layanan ini, menunjukkan popularitas besar 2PM di Jepang.

JYP Entertainment menyatakan, “Setelah Junsu, Junho memiliki peringkat pertama di chart ‘Recochoku’. Kami selalu bersyukur untuk para penggemar yang mendukung 2PM. Yang Terbaik dari album Korea yang dirilis pada tanggal 14 Maret menerima reaksi yang melebihi harapan kita. Kami akan selalu bekerja paling keras kami untuk datang kembali dengan kabar baik “[9].

Junho telah dipilih untuk menjadi pasangan kedua pada MBC Music dan program Lyrics, bersama aktris Kim So-eun. Mereka terdiri lagu (OST) disebut ‘Love Sad’, yang So-eun adalah komposer dan Junho adalah musisi.

Junho baru-baru ini bekerja sama dengan Vanness Wu untuk menyanyikan lagu OST utama “Undefeated” untuk Taiwan “Chocolate Tiamo” Drama.

Junho juga berpartisipasi sebagai komposer untuk sesama anggota, album debut solo Jang Wooyoung di mana ia menulis lagu “Be With You”.

Ia juga menulis lagu “Forever” untuk album Jepang terbaru 2PM “Masquerade”.


Spesialisasi Nya bernyanyi, beatboxing, menari. [10] Ia menikmati mendengarkan musik, menonton video menari, belajar menulis, dan membaca majalah fashion [10]. Dia adalah seorang penyayang binatang avid dan mencintai kucing yang paling. Wanita ideal adalah seseorang yang berencana untuk anak. Dia lulus dari Universitas Howon [10] Program dalam bertindak. Junho telah tipe darah A. [10]

Junho memiliki julukan beberapa, tapi yang paling populer adalah “Hwang-jae” [10] (황제, Kaisar) karena keseriusannya. Dia juga dikenal sebagai “Nuneo”. Yang terakhir datang dari insiden ketika Junho menulis namanya begitu cepat pada disk StarCraft baru dibeli itu muncul sebagai salah Ij Nuneo (잊 누너) [11]. [Sumber tidak bisa diandalkan?] Ia dikenal sebagai salah satu dari “Brothers Juni “dalam hubungannya dengan Junsu sesama anggota.

Sebagai hasil dari struktur wajah nya, Junho sering dibandingkan dengan Rain entertainer Korea. [12] Namun demikian, pada KBS2 acara Win Win, Junho mengungkapkan bahwa selama tahun pelatihan orang sering melewatinya atas. Ia mengatakan, pada dasarnya, bahwa “orang tidak pernah tahu apa nama saya dan selalu memanggilku ‘yang satu anak’.”

Junho dibahas pada Strong Heart saat ia (tanpa sepengetahuannya) akan segera ditendang keluar dari JYP Entertainment karena sikap buruk dan juga pada titik waktu ia jatuh di belakang yang lain dan tidak bisa beradaptasi. Ibunya tampaknya tahu tentang hal ini dan disebut JYP pribadi mengatakan bahwa anaknya bahkan belum berada di sana selama satu tahun, meminta waktu baginya untuk meningkatkan.

Pada siaran 14 Mei dari MBC “We Got Married,” Nichkhun 2PM band mate mengungkapkan, “sepupu Junho adalah pemain bisbol profesional.” Sepupu Junho adalah kendi untuk Doosan Bears bernama Sun-Woo Kim.

Junho juga merupakan aktivis hewan. Penyanyi Lee Hyori baru-baru ini memuji Junho dan para penggemarnya pada sumbangan mereka kepada kelompok aktivis hewan. Penyanyi menulis melalui Twitter-nya pada tanggal 20 Oktober, “Ini menghangatkan hati saya mendengar bahwa Junho 2PM dan fansnya membuat sumbangan kedua untuk kelompok aktivis hewan itu! … Saya sangat bangga bahwa dia menggunakan ketenaran dan pengaruh dengan cara yang begitu heroik. ”

Pada tanggal 15 Februari, Organisasi Kemanusiaan World Vision melaporkan bahwa mereka meluncurkan ‘Project Saham Global bekerjasama dengan EBS. Junho terpilih sebagai orang pertama yang relawan dengan ‘Project Saham Global dan mengorbankan liburan pertamanya dalam empat tahun sejak debutnya. Dia memilih untuk bepergian ke Ethiopia bulan lalu untuk menghabiskan waktu bermakna dengan penduduk setempat. Junho bertemu dengan pasien yang menderita ‘elephantitis’, suatu bentuk yang jarang dari penyakit kulit dan menyenangkan bernyanyi dan menari bersama mereka. Junho juga telah diam-diam mendukung anak di Ethiopia yang ia harus bertemu secara pribadi, bahkan menghadirkan anak angkatnya hadiah khusus [13].


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